Sling and go…

It’s generally frowned upon to traipse across the countryside babe in arms and let’s be honest, it’s not the most practical idea either! An essential part of any walking parent’s kit is therefore either a good sling, rucksack or a buggy or all three, depending on what kind and how much walking you intend to do and how old (and heavy!) your baby is.

Living in rural Oxfordshire, there are not so many buggy friendly routes in the immediate area and so a sling is essential. Not only does it allow you to go handsfree which makes negotiating stiles, gates and any unexpected tricky underfoot conditions that much easier but with babe tucked up snug and tight against you, it also allows a lot more flexibility to get some fresh air in most weather conditions.

The trouble is, choosing a sling is an absolute minefield. Surely there are no other types of product that would dare label what looks like a large sheet as ‘ergonomically designed’ and charge you triple the price of the regular bed variety for it or what looks like a rucksack without the sack and worn back to front as the very height of innovation?!

I’m hoping to review a few different slings, buggies and carriers on this website as time goes on, starting with my trusted old favourites. In the mean time though, I recommend paying a visit. It’s a great place to get some starting points on different options for going hands-free and there are many different sling meet groups across the UK where you can meet others with different types of sling and test them out before investing.


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