Oxfordshire and Chiltern Baby Walks

Oxfordshire countryside and the Chiltern Hills make fantastic walking country. The county has an abundance of the green leafy lanes and green rolling hills England is justly famed for as well as a generous helping of bluebell woods in late spring and pleasant riverside walking along the Thames. This is the county of the majestic Red Kite, which with its impressive wingspan and distinctive cry can be easily spotted soaring above the hill-tops and open fields.

Red Kite

For those with little ones there is no better place to head out onto the footpaths with baby in a carrier. With a network of pretty villages spread out throughout the countryside, walking is pleasant and can be tailored to suit all levels and durations with ample opportunity for refreshment along the way.

Below is set out the best links and suggestions for accessible walking trails for those with babies in carriers or pushchairs. There are also a number of suggested walks listed in the walking routes area of this site.


  1. Chiltern AONB website: this is a great place to find inspiration for exploring the Chiltern Hills with baby. The ‘Access for All’ page lists suggested routes that can be used by pushchair users whilst the interactive maps section can be used to search for pushchair walks, routes without any stiles or obstacles and shorter walks suitable for little legs.
  2. Oxfordshire.gov.uk: the walks section of the county website has some good suggestions for exploring the surrounding countryside. Why not try one of the suggested routes for those with buggies and pushchairs which can be found here?
  3. Walking in Oxfordshire: this website has a variety of walks which are free to download. Some of these are suitable for pushchairs and are indicated in their summary on the main page.
  4. National trails: for those who are seeking a challenge, why not attempt one of the two national trails passing through the region? Both the Thames Path and the Ridgeway have good paths and particularly in summer, are suitable for those carrying babies or little ones in backpacks – you just might have to cover the distance in slightly smaller chunks than those without on-board entertainment! The entire western side of the Ridgeway in particular is free from stiles, small kissing gates, steps and other obstacles making for easier walking or if a tranquil stroll by the waterside is more your thing and you fancy taking a pushchair, why not try out one of the 12 suggested easy access walks along the Thames Path which are suitable for those with buggies or accompanied by small children.

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